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Rezensionen zu: 5-poliges SX/PX Bus-Kabel

Montag, 20. Oktober 2014

5-poliges SX/PX Bus-Kabel Bewertung: TEXT_OF_5_STARS
Autor: Gast
Rezension: Hiya Izzy,I think the shipping sttaus you see is for domestic shipping. Be sure to click on your order and scroll down to see the international shipping sttaus. It will show you the estimated weight, the actual weight and how much of the shipping costs you should get refunded. They refund the costs to me as soon as the parcel is packed and weighed and ready to be shipped internationally.Otherwise I'd contact the customer service and inquire. Maybe the actual shipping was that high?*hugs*KathiJossu,I don't see any difficulty ordering from Xanadu? I just pop whatever I want in the cart. You have to click on Account Center to sign in and you'll see the items you put in your cart in your order. Just choose desired shipping method and hit submit.You either pay right away through paypal or wait for an invoice from the shop owner as the armail costs are not fixed and you need to wait for his quote.HTHSKathi

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